Chakra is a sanskrit word which translates to "wheel" in english. We all have these energy centers in our bodies that circulate energy and spin like a wheel.

Each Chakra has a specific colour, and is believed to be associated with major organs, nervous system, and our spiritual, emotional and psychological being. If a Chakra is blocked or unbalanced, our health and wellbeing can suffer.


There are actually hundreds of chakras in the body, but just 7 main chakras that are positioned from the very base of the spine to the crown of the head.


Chakras can become blocked for various reasons, from physical illness to our own emotions. It’s essential to keep them all opened and balanced out in order to achieve full harmony in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


If you suspect that one or more of your chakras are blocked, one of the best ways to unblock them is with crystal healing. Chakras have associated stones that help to heal any blockages. Ideally, you would place the crystal on and around your body, corresponding to the chakra it is going to balance.

You may also hold some crystals in the palms of your hands, such as clear quartz. Much energy enters and leaves your body through your palms, which is why your palms would LOVE the crystal tune-up!

There's no need to stress about placing the crystals in the exact “perfect” spot. Your chakras are large wheels of energy, and your intention is what ultimately causes the crystal to do its healing work. You cannot do this wrong!

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The first chakra, root chakra, is associated with the element Earth and the colors red and black. This is the chakra that keeps your physical body grounded and connected to the earth, like a foundation.

Symptoms of the Root Chakra being blocked, or out of balance:

▵ Overwhelming stress due to external circumstances
▵ Feeling tired and sluggish
▵ Financial fears and money issues
▵ Instability
▵ Depression
▵ Anxiety
▵ Lack of self-esteem and sense of belonging
▵ Poor focus on work or just life in general

Although red is the primary color of the root chakra, you will also see crystals that are black, brown or grey that correspond with this chakra.

Here are some crystals to use to help unblock and re-balance the Root Chakra:

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Sacral Chakra is the “orange” chakra located just below the belly button right at the physical center of the body. It’s associated with the element of Water. The nature of your physical relationships with others, pleasure, creativity, and many of the joys of life depend on this chakra being unblocked and working properly.

This means that if it is NOT working properly, you are likely experiencing symptoms such as:

▵ Difficulty finding meaningful relationships
▵ Any type of sexual dysfunction
▵ Extreme tiredness
▵ Trouble with creativity
▵ Inability to feel joyful

Use warm amber and orange colored stones to help you heal this chakra.

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The third chakra, Solar Plexus, is located from the belly button up to the sternum, and represents your relationship with yourself and how much control you have over your own life. It’s connected with the element of Fire and the color yellow.

A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra can result in following symptoms:

▵ Feeling powerless over life and yourself
▵ Low self-worth
▵ Physical symptoms such as stomach pain

It’s also possible to have an overactive third chakra, where you would feel overly ambitious in your own life and too possessive over somebody else’s life.

Crystals for balancing out / unblocking the Solar Plexus Chakra include:

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The center of the chest is the location of the 4th chakra, heart chakra, which is in charge of spiritual and romantic love, compassion, forgiveness, and everything that makes us human. It’s primarily green and pink and gemstones that heal the heart.

Emotional signs of a blocked Heart Chakra include

▵ Feeling hurt over a past relationship or current relationship
▵ Intense sadness
▵ Feelings of loss & difficulty letting go of grudges
▵ Physical signs include chest pain, asthma, allergies, and any kind of heart disease.

Use gemstones such as:

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Throat chakra, the fifth chakra, is located at the center of the neck. It is a passage for the energy between the head and lower parts of the body and is responsible for communication and self-expression.

Those with a blocked Throat Chakra have communication issues and experience difficulty expressing themselves and interacting with others verbally. A few other symptoms include:

▵ Voice loss
▵ Nasal problems / congestion / sore throat
▵ Thyroid problems
▵ Extreme shyness
▵ Habitual lying

You’ll want to mostly use blue and blue-green stones to unblock your Throat Chakra:

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Third Eye Chakra, also known as the "brow chakra", is the sixth of the main chakras. It is the center of perception, awareness, and consciousness. To have a healthy Third Eye Chakra is essential if you want to develop intuition and psychic abilities.

If this chakra is blocked, there is going to be A LOT of perception issues. It’s going to be difficult to maintain a grasp of what’s really going on around you.

Symptoms are going to include:

▵ Confusion
▵ Dizziness
▵ Sinus headaches
▵ Blurry vision (both physically and symbolically)
▵ Difficulty making decisions – including simple ones
▵ Vulnerability around others who might want to take advantage of you

The third eye chakra is represented by dark blue & purple colors:

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The Crown Chakra is what connects us to the higher states of consciousness and to the divine. It is not possible to achieve enlightenment when this chakra is blocked and experiencing problems. First, you must focus on opening all the other chakras, and then you’ll be able to unblock the Crown Chakra.

Symptoms of the Crown Chakra being blocked, or out of balance:

▵ A feeling of insignificance and “out of place” in the universe
▵ The feeling of abandonment from a “higher power” or your spirit guide
▵ Having too much of an obsession and attachment to material things
▵ Very painful migraines and tension headaches

Although the color of the crown chakra is purple, there are plenty of white and clear crystals associated with the crown chakra. The Crown Chakra's function is to receive Universal energy and disperse it to the six lower chakras.

In addition to these stones, you can work on healing the Crown chakra simply with gratitude. Make a list of things you are thankful for every single day, no matter how small or insignificant. There are many benefits of a “Gratitude Journal”.

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I hope you enjoy being part of the universal flow and enjoy using your crystals. Your crystals contain all the power of the Earth which in turn contains all the universal energy and wisdom you need.