Just like any being that uses energy, our crystals need a break, they need to take some time out to cleanse and recharge. Mama needs a bubble bath! When rushing through our busy lives wearing, or just absorbing the energy of our beautiful crystals, it’s easy to take them for granted, and forget that they, too, need to be taken care of.

Your relationship with your crystal is symbiotic, they will only work for you if you take care of them. If your crystal is feeling dull, or if you feel like its energy is “off”, then it might be time to cleanse and charge your crystal.

The difference between cleansing and charging

There is an important distinction to make between cleansing your crystal and charging it.

Crystals can give us positive energies, but they’re also like friends who are great at listening: they can absorb our negative energies. Before you charge a crystal, you first need to cleanse it of the negative energy it has absorbed from you. Only once you’ve done that should you then work to recharge your crystals.


Before cleansing and recharging your crystal it’s important to clear your own mind. Spend a few quiet moments to calm yourself. Meditate or chant for a while to make sure you’re in the correct mindframe to properly care for your crystal.

While you’re holding your crystal try to do everything with care and intention.

Methods for cleansing your crystal

Here is a list of some popular cleansing methods. Be aware that different methods work best for different people. Once you have tried a method, hold your crystal in your hand and connect with its energy. Did it work? If not, try another method until you find one that suits you and your crystal best.


Running water, preferably in the form of a stream or river, can be a great way to cleanse your crystal. Hold your crystal under running water for a few minutes.

Saltwater from the sea or ocean can also work well. Immerse and bathe your crystal in the water for a few minutes. If you don’t live near the sea or ocean you can try using a homemade Himalayan salt solution.

This method isn’t an option for soft, or water-soluble crystals such as selenite so make sure you research your crystal to make sure it’s safe to put underwater. Quartz, agate, amethyst and Tiger’s eye are examples of crystals that can be used safely underwater. If you’re unsure just use another method to be on the safe side.


Burn sage or cedarwood and passing your crystal through the smoke with the mindful intention to cleanse it.

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Singing bowl

Using sound that vibrates at a higher frequency than your crystal is also an option. Chime a singing bowl, a tuning fork or bells near the crystal you want to cleanse.


Methods for charging your crystal

Just as with cleansing, beliefs and opinions of which charging method works best vary vastly between different people.


Bathe your crystal in the light of the full moon. The moon has a feminine energy, so it’s great for charging your crystal for emotional healing.

Crystal clusters

Some powerful crystals don’t need cleansing or charging nearly as much and can help to charge other crystals! A cluster of amethysts of selenite around your crystal can help to recharge it.


Methods that cleanse and charge

If you‘re a fan of efficiency, there are a couple of methods that can both cleanse and recharge your crystal.


The sun’s light is so incredibly strong and powerful that it can both cleanse and recharge your crystals. Direct sunlight works best, so put your crystals out in direct sunlight for a maximum of half an hour.


This process takes a little longer. Bury your crystal in the earth for a few days. It needs to be in the earth, not just in some soil in a plant pot! As we all know first hand, mother earth is wonderful at absorbing and transforming energies.


In conclusion

Be mindful when handling your crystal before during and after the process of cleansing and recharging. Try a few methods and notice which worked best for you and your crystal.

Let's take care of our selves, our crystals and each other ♡